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Aizawa Shouta X Daughter Reader LemonRoethle before? All the patriarchs, as well as Judah, wore the philosopher's stone on their bodies. todoroki x reader LANGUAGE!! Tomura Shigaraki x little sister reader. Melody: Aizawa Shouta x Reader smut Mish123. Tied Up (Shota Aizawa x Reader) It was just a normal afternoon at U. Meeting an Albino reader and falling in love. Aizawa has a daughter? Does she have a mother? She has to! It’s the only logical explanation as to why she’s here. Shota Aizawa X Student Reader - Ch. Shoutaaizawaxreader Stories. In the aftermath of All Might losing his power, however, using UA resources has its complications. Reader is aizawa's daughter. You sigh heavily, revealing your teary eyes to the baby in-front of you. You were Bakugou's girlfriend yep the loud, angry fella was your man and he made sure everyone knew it, he confessed and you said yes and that was 4 months ago your 5 month anniversary was tomorrow and you …. Related Post: Aizawa X Child Reader - Web shouta aizawa x …. Ashido laughed loudly at that, while your daughter joined in with her own giggle fit. He's actually taken a two week vacation. "welcome back" you say as he grunts in response, you lean your head to the side as bakugous nose. Your only Family is your older brother Yuma. Shouta had walked in the room before you did and then promptly walked out to go down to the …. Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Reader; Characters: Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead; Reader; Additional Tags: Recovery Girl does stuff but isn't directly involved in the story; Reader has a quirk; Reader-Insert; Hurt/Comfort; Angst; Reader does this, and Aizawa finds it irritating as fuck. See a recent post on Tumblr from @thatonedeadchick about yandere aizawa shouta x reader. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon x. Aizawa shouta aka the boss of one of the most powerful yakuza families in Japan had caught your eye and one thong after another you became. not great but i reckon it’s wholesome xx warnings: kissing ig. Page 2 Read Shigaraki X Reader from the story Boku no hero academia one shots by Queenie_Wolf with 4,663 reads. unbeknownst to humans, magic is real and quirks evolved as a way to protect themselves from powers beyond their control. All one shots can also be found on my. When they left, you slump down scaring Shouta as you weakly laugh, "it's gotten hard to socialise" you smile as Shouta sighed, only to look at you. MCSM Daddy's little trouble maker by Coldfire Queen. Pro-Hero Aegis— your old classmate who attacked you during her visit in America. All might touches his back as the nurse eventually come into the room. He had a reputation for being a harsh teacher and to the few that knew his hero name, he was well-regarded as a fierce Pro Hero. The sun was shining brightly, the birds were singing, it seemed as if nothing could ruin such a perfect day. Browse; Paid Stories; Editor's Picks; The Wattys; (Discontinued) BNHA X Aizawa Shota's Daughter Fanfiction. Just make sure I'm awake to feel it first. mha; aizawalemon; aizawashouta +12 more # 18 Aizawa x Reader (Lemon) by LegitNotCheryl. Lemon; Vaginal Fingering; Penis In Vagina Sex; Dubiously Consensual Blow Jobs; Pro Hero Reader (My Hero Academia) (18-year-old) Female Student Reader x Aizawa Sensei. Anonymous asked: Hello~ Can I request an Aizawa x reader where him and his wife adopt Eri and Shinso, and they sort of reminisced and remember the first …. pairings - aizawa shouta x fem!reader. Aizawa totally saw that you two liked each other- you were his daughter, like of course he sees this! Whenever Shouto would talk to you, your face would become a soft shade of pink and your nervousness would come out- you’d stumble over words, bite your lip, brush your hair behind you ears- the works. " "The remote is right there beside you, man!" Aizawa slowly turned his head to glare at him. List: Todoroki Shouto - Praise kink + Breeding; Bakugou Katsuki - Dry humping; Midoriya Izuku - Thigh riding; Kirishima Eijiro - Dumbification; Takami Keigo - Rough sex // breakup scenario; Tamaki Amajiki - Tentacles; Hitoshi Shinsou - Quirk play + boob job; Aizawa Shouta - Public sex + orgasm denial; Dabi - Slow sex; …. Th Completed shoutaaizawa aizawaxreader bnhaxreader +12 more # 2. She was raised in Korea, and she became a idol!!! Class 1 …. By assassination attempts or himself is still undecided. Shouta aizawa, yamada hizashi, erasermic, keigo takami, dabi, hotwings, and shigaraki. From his dark tired eyes to the awkward slouch he assumed when he sat in his seat. Shouta Aizawa x Reader One Shots Shinsous_Kitty. hello!!! could i please request BNHA angst where Aizawa has a daughter but never pays attention to her, even since a young age. Tied Up (Shota Aizawa x Reader) by sydann11 on DeviantArt. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Juice: Building A Devotional …. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Xreader BNHA X Reader MHA X Reader Various X Reader Class 1-A 「You have died. After 10 separate assassination attempts in 2 weeks on the model, and support tech maker 28-year-old Midoriya Izuku, Shouta is stuck making sure this idiot doesn't get himself killed. A academy alongside the Pro heroes by now, you have the quirk of manifesting Fir Aizawa x Reader. He's very perceptive and knows how to read people. " you stutter in the end as you realise what you didn. Aizawa sighed, he’ll finally get to spend some much needed alone time with you like he’s been wanting. Warning for those who do not like smexy stuff don't read any further if you like nice enjoy my first lemon. They say he likes a good time (My, oh my) He comes alive at midnight (Every night) My mama doesn't trust him (My, oh my) He's only here for one thing But (so am I) Yeah A little bit older A black leather jacket A bad reputation Insatiable habits He was onto me, one look and I couldn't breathe Yeah, I said, "If you kiss me. completely caught off the guard, you struggled to adjust to the sudden. He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms, which only drew Touya's gaze down to his chest, littered with small raised scars and a healthy amount of hair. When the other wakes you get a small, very …. "I told her not to stay up all night studying" Aizawa came in from the kitchen and gave you the coffee you needed. Anime & Manga Love & Friendship Aizawa Shouta Shouta Aizawa Bnha Mha Boku No Hero Academia // Long Results // You've reached …. Eri, then runs and hugs Aizawa's leg making his buckle slightly. You beg, the hurt in your voice more than ever. You struggled to find an apartment and ended up having to cohabit in an apartement with a mysterious and awful roommate named Aizawa Shouta. A/B/O Dark hades x persephone inspired mafia au). Wattpad">Eraserheadxreader Stories. He wakes up in 1-A's classroom and knows nothing about quirks or heroes. Right in the middle of his sentence, Shouta heard a knock at the door. A chance encounter with Shouta Aizawa after a night at the bar leaves you worried that your criminal ties might sabotage your chances. Aizawa's daughter (Bakugouxreader). Aizawa-sensei is living with another adult, a female, no less. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Curve. king keigo takami x princess todoroki reader; 10k+ ; enemies to lovers, royal AU ; when the option to end a decades long war is for you to marry the king that has done so much to hurt your …. -You are the one who looks after Kaito while Shouta is at work and once he gets home you go off to your agency. - aizawa trying to pry her off of you by the waist and her giggling while you just blushed and tried to hide is one of present mic’s favorite memories - long story short, joke loves you and the two of you hang out all of the time. Omega Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic. aizawa x daughter reader angst · 8. A few of those matches have already concluded, but even though he could clearly see the progress of his students, the mistakes they made were just as visible. “Alike, not the same,” Aizawa countered easily. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon free. -They take naps together in their matching sleeping bags, Shouta is the only one who can feed him his vegetables and they usually grade papers together. Aizawa stayed silent but you could see the sadness in his face. Ethereal | Aizawa Shota by rae. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Video. 2K Views "He's not here again?" "Yes. Vigilante Izuku dimension hopped into the canon MHA world. His hand shakes but still places it on my head and scratched behind my ears my eyes shot open but soon fall closed as i lean closer and wag my tail. What he isn't though, is a bodyguard. Summary: Reader is on her way to New Asgard to help heal Thors broken heart since her return from saving all of her friends and family using her powers to travel back in time. Karma started to take (y/n) dress and after he took her dress off. "OH MY--oh Katsuki, you s-s-scared me. "I-if i didn't try fight him I-I would be-". ’ She then goes on a few dates with a few guys, only to find out that this viral dating app was actually an app for yanderes to find darlings. He was really happy you wanted to do that, and hoped he wouldn’t mess it up. She's what he would expect from a starry-eyed 21-year-old rookie - wears her heart on her sleeve, is quick to give up when she's uncomfortable, and occasionally might say something wise that he could actually agree with. Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead Adopts Todoroki Shouto. He says, voice a bit lowered and warmer than usual, as he stretches out his hand. [None of them would have guessed their Homeroom teacher is secretly married. Eraserhead is intrigued by his new coworker, a seemingly mediocre pro hero by the name of Cheshire. Shouta is an emotional bum; he doesn't care to be bothered by the weight of his feelings. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon test; Aizawa x daughter reader lemon tree; Aizawa x …. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Tree "without you, I'm just a sad song". You also don't expect to have to deal with his haunting past. Aizawa Shouta has never owned a cat, even though his heart craves one. Aizawa Shota x Reader (BnHA) - Dance. "Here's your reward," Y/n said and handed a caramel apple to her adoptive little sister. Browse through and read or take aizawa x villain reader stories, quizzes, and other creations Swiping Psycho: Yandere Various BNHA x Reader. But he blamed himself to he should've stopped this ruthless playing a long time ago. Lastly, enjoy! Quirk (s)?!?!?!?!?!?!! (In this you're 5 years old) "Hey (y/n) wake up. — Day 3 What the kid's want! I'm glad some of you. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Juice You're the daughter of a powerful Yakuza clan head named Shouta Aizawa. Aizawashota aizawaxreader Stories. An ardent desire or longing particularly a feeling of loss or grief for something lost. Best Friends [Bnha x child! Originally, he'd been three months older than his soulmate, Aizawa Shouta. Web shouta aizawa x orphan! Set within my time-travel, dimension travel vigilante story "Izuku Bunny hops through Time and Dimensions. Your main focus is to help students control their quirks and to teach those who are will hand on hand combat. She's a Pro Hero, with her Quirk she likes to help and save other. While shigaraki came in you with a small audible sound as you arch cumming aswell. I'm walkin' in time again, but nothing changes. See a recent post on Tumblr from @xacatalepsyx about Aizawa shouta x reader. "In the world eighty percent of the population has access to some form of supernatural ability, known as a Quirk. Related Post: Aizawa X Child Reader - Web shouta aizawa x orphan! You slowly close your eyes and lean against your father as your breathing is ragid. Thing like strange, weird, freaky, rare and had got the strangest backhanded compliments. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon video. A little piece of you knows you’re not getting anywhere. Getting into a relationship with Shouta. Suzuya X Reader Lemon : Shota Aizawa X Student Reader. High Up In The Sky // My Hero Acad by Kat. "Papaaaaaa, it's wayyyy tooo earlyyyyy. "I will not say anything about last night" he told them has he looked at the paper he had in his hands. When Hugo is the first to leave he gives you a kiss before saying goodbye. It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better. izuku mydoria, or rather (name) (last name) was once a normal teen, in a world were quirks were fiction. Of course, Aizawa didn't notice him at all, despite his crotch being only an inch away from his face. Early release chapters will come through here and the price will be reduced …. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Law. Seeing people around you point at the sky, you look up aswell only to see two red wings and feel two muscled arms pick you up as you squeal in fear. Aizawa picks you up and you snuggle closer to him. BNHA | Reader Aizawa Shouta | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Aizawa X Reader Bnha Reader . All for One's daughter (MHA x Child!Reader) ♡ Chapter 5 Sleepover. So you will have to be the one to force him to get some treatment! Where stories live. She tries her best though, studying constantly, volunteering, and tutoring to get towards her goal of getting a good job and climbing the ranks. [Various x Reader] ׂׂׂׂૢ་༘࿐ DISCONTINUED. Better Love (Aizawa Shouta x Reader) A/N: It's probably impossible not to love Aizawa. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon art; Aizawa x daughter reader lemon curd; Aizawa x male reader lemon; Aizawa x daughter reader lemon grove; Aizawa x daughter reader lemon video; Aizawa x daughter reader lemon juice; Black With Silver Pearl Paint Job. You had no chance with the guy, to begin with. Browse through and read yandere aizawa x reader stories and books. Warnings: Curse words, blood scenes, and mature scenes (I dont own bnha, I dont own any drawings in the book, all credit to the original …. Aizawa Shouta| Eraserhead/reader. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Fight. You kept to your word in the next two days you didn't look at him, you didn't talk to him, you didn't go near him eventually it, seemed as if he was a ghost only you. I aizawa shouta #shinsou x reader #tododeku #kirishima eijirou #bakugou x kirishima . Aizawa Shouta/Genderfluid Reader. How dare you try to hurt his baby? He scrambled to his aizawa shota aizawa bnha eraserhead yandere x pregnant reader aizawa x pregnant reader. First Meetings, a my hero academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア …. A Reader Insert & a Katsuki Bakugou x Reader _____ This is ALSO a reader insert in the manga/anime. Just where mom isn't in their life so he has to bring her up. BNHA | Reader Aizawa Shouta | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Aizawa X Reader Bnha Reader Insert Eraserhead. [Various bnha] x [OP! Fem! reader] You were an elite shinobi, tapped for ANBU black ops at 13, a member of Konoha's only hunter squad. You were going to say something to him today as you replayed your words in your head. We don’t know when it started but we start to share our dream scape with our soulmates. aizawa shota academia shouta simping. OR --- Things get freaky in the classroom. Aizawa x clumsy! fem! reader (Lemon). Broken Heart! Shota Aizawa x Reader. You look at Shouta as he began humming, a song, not just any song, it was your song, you've sung it since you've small. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Curd. A collection of Aizawa x Reader one-shots made with love from me to you. Su-Hyeok x reader| All of us are dead. Reader Has a Quirk (My Hero Academia) Pro Hero Reader (My Hero Academia) BNHA Omegaverse Week. The scenes on the streets looked like comic books with hero’s and Villains. "now, now" you hear a familiar chuckle as you eyes open to see the man's cheeky grin, "h-hawks!!" you scream as he laughs "sorry I'm late, I came to pick you up for the date" he smirks as he slowly. Now he's fifteen years younger than him, and Shouta's former student. happy ending? He finally squeezes your hand and let's your hand go. Takami Keigo | Hawks Needs a Hug. "and "Can you keep holding my hand, please?" Additional notes: Aaaa thank you sm!!Thank you so …. [Aizawa Shouta x reader] A small robbery takes place at the local coffee shop you work at and just before hell breaks loose, a hero barges in to save the day like a cut-out cliche because all he desired was a cup of coffee to quench his thirst. Hazbin Hotel Charlie X Male Reader Lemon. This is a erasermic story i WROTE IT BY MYSELF WHILE LISTENING TO PANDORA I used "shouta" & "Hizashi" because to seems like a boy and a girl around my mom & dad (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I feel smart don't forget "shouta"=aizawa & "Hizashi"=present mic This story might have a slow update!!! (really slow maybe idk) 😍 …. “Pitching a Tent” (Shouta Aizawa x reader lemon”. Aizawa is his normal tired self. Reader Has a Healing Quirk (My Hero Academia) Hospitals; Angry Bakugou Katsuki; Teenage Drama; Heartbreak; Training Camp; Fluff and Smut; Angst and Feels; Awkward Dates; Embarrassment; Dysfunctional Family; Language: English Stats: Published: 2021-03-28 Updated: 2023-07-09 Words: 96,887 Chapters: 52/? Comments: 205 Kudos: 1,209 Bookmarks: 154. depressed (Dadzawa And Shinso by lshiels123. Summary: Some Aizawa x Reader one-shot stories that have been living in my head RENT FREE. Read Aizawa Shouta from the story Bnha Headcanons by Hungry-Writer (I am hungry) with 6,738 reads. Shouta and his best friend!S/O. Aizawa x Y/N (student reader) by IsabellaYang2023. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon curve. Now Yagi is relegated to a simple teaching position. 8k+ ; hurt/comfort ; undercover mission goes wrong but bakugou is always there for you. Dabi pulls your head entirely down his length has he let's out a long deep growl, letting his seed full your mouth. I'd totally live to see an Aizawa version because. Aizawa wouldn’t oppose your offer to take care of him or at least help him during the slow process of healing. Request: Aizawa x Reader x Hizashi Poly Relationship Headcanons (“Hi, I was wondering if you could maybe do a poly Aizawa, Hizashi and reader relation hc’s, like all of them living together, I think it would be cute! (*' '*)” - Anon) Pairing: Aizawa Shouta x Female!Reader x Hizashi Yamada. You’re about two hours away from UA, on a three day long trip with Class 1-A and their teacher Shouta Aizawa. with the new school year starting at UA, Y/n was taken with Shota and was taken care of. He has gone on for so long that your body is regaining feeling, overstimulation leaving you feeling like you are being stabbed by thousands of needles. Father Shouta Aizawa x Mother reader. Hazbin Hotel Charlie X Male Reader Lemon 5A6. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Fanfiction. he still doesn't—he's sure of it—but there's something so ethereal about watching you twirl around the kitchen, oblivious to the world as your graceful steps fall with a light tap tap tapping against the porcelain tiles. What awaits those two, with her past coming after her whe. And if you find any of the tags offensive? Reader] Chapter 13 Nightmares Wattpad. This means it’s true: Aizawa does have a woman in his life. Aizawa Shouta x Reader x Yamada Hizashi]">Space Between. "now she's in critical condition". -eza-\ 𝑷𝒍𝒖𝒓𝒂𝒍𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐚\ -ēa \ Definition 1. Shouta Aizawa x daughter reader has been made a synonym of Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Reader. He saw he was flying towards a burning home. The older male caressed your cheek and kissed the top of your head. Shouta snorted when he saw the boy lost in his mind. There was a gleam of excitement in your eyes he hadn’t seen anywhere before. " You began weaving your fingers through his coarse hair, slightly jealous a male had shinier and better-kept hair . It was clear to everyone that Aizawa Shouta was a very tired man. Sorry for the late response, I’ve been working and working with protesters. But at certain times it became harder than usual to suppress certain emotions, especially when he began to get closer to you. The kiss got a lot more heated and they both got on the bed while the are start having a hot make out session. Her body thrashing around in the water as. Aizawa Shouta X Daughter Reader Pt2 Kirishma X Sister Reader X Bakugou [Lemon] Aizawa Shouta X Student Reader [Pt 1] Tamaki Amajiki X Reader. "Are you ok?? You look a lot like Shouta! Awwe like father like daughter!" Hizashi stated as you shut the door behind you. Discovering Secrets Aizawa Shouta x Pregnant!Reader. ↳ aizawa shouta x reader → miss you. summary: it’s been a while since you’ve spent any time with shouta and it finally gets to you word count: 1. Elle — Can I get an imagine scenario of King Explosion. Language: English Words: 44,062 Chapters: 5/5 Comments: 45 Kudos: 457 Bookmarks: 64 Present Mic/Reader (81) Aizawa Shouta | …. °he didn't know why maybe it was your personality, your beautiful eyes your magnificent hairstyle that complimented you. You rub his hand and look at the door " Might-San" Aizawa turns to see the whole class of 1A at the door. Aizawa x Reader (Lemon) ~>(COMPLETED ON THE 7TH Of SEPT!) [Remembering the day. BNHA | Reader Dabi Overhaul Present Mic | Action Anime/Manga Fanfiction Vigilante Villain Quirk Bnhaxreader Shoto Shigaraki Izuku Aizawa 709 Discussion 61 Suggest tags. He places a kiss on your forehead before opening the front door, “If you say so. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon juice. Lemon] Dabi X Reader">Boku no hero academia one shots. “Someone is obviously giving inside information. "WAAAAAAAAAAAA KIRISHMA HAS A SISTER" nearly everyone screamed expect for aizawa, shouto and Bakugou who stood there …. They both ran into each other halfway back to the school and ended up walking together the rest o. Cute, slightly angsty with a little war gore. You were a shy student at UA and could only trust the teachers. You grin and make your way to your own classroom. She has a regeneration quirk, but he’s still really worried. you slightly giggled, continuing to give gentle licks and teasing sucks to it, until shouta had finally had enough. Aizawa sighs, slapping you once more. Which is the opposite of how your relationship has ever been in his eyes. He rubs your hair as you smile at the affection. You were looking forward to spending time with him worried after all the fighting and attacks from the LOV, your dreams and thought started innocent about how much he cared for the kids in his class and how he made a son and father-like bond with the young boy named shinsou, but your thoughts slowly started to become more intimate and started to think …. Aizawa Shouta (Eraserhead) X Reader It wasn’t uncommon to see Aizawa asleep somewhere in the school, whether it be his own classroom or the teachers lounge at his own desk, in a random chair, or just on the floor. angst] Izuku Midoriya X Sister Reader. Aizawa hated anything to do with them, and hid his soulmarks with dark bands and long sleeves. Your tears let lose as you begin to sing with Shouta. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon, Bed And Breakfast In …. Where, Izuku clings to the idea that Aizawa will come …. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon – Tyrant Wants A Better Life …. 'Mine' Yandere!Shouta Aizawa X Reader Shouta Aizawa was typically good at hiding his thoughts and feelings from those around him, keeping his actual personality at bay and hidden from others. "Deku!! You shit give (Y/N) back" Bakugou shouted making Izuku laugh like a child "Nope! Im taking what's mine" he smirked (like the hot af pic above) and turned to one of the villains with hands on him "I got what I wanted" he holds you tighter and smiles at you but you refused and tried to get away so you bit him on his leg. Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead (4) Yagi Toshinori | All Might (4) Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic (4) Reader (2) Nezu (1) Ectoplasm (My Hero Academia) (1) Include Relationships Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Yagi Toshinori | All Might/Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic/Reader (4) Yagi Toshinori | All Might/Reader (3) Aizawa Shouta | …. #aizawa shouta #aizawa shota x reader #aizawa x y/n #aizawa x you #bnha aizawa #my hero academia aizawa #aizawa x reader #mha aizawa #bnha fanfiction #bnha headcannons #mr aizawa #aizawa comfort #comfort #aizawa sensei #aizawa shota x y/n #bnha x reader #bnha #mha headcanons #aizawa fluff #shoto aizawa #boku no hero x …. Yagi is a hero, the number one hero in fact. Y/N lives in a weird world where over 80% have quirks and of that 80% there are 2% that don't have alpha-beta or omega tendencies. Sekijiro was minding his own "business". Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Reader · Shinsou Hitoshi · Aizawa Shouta . #aizawa x daughter!reader on Tumblr. To win a bet their teacher set, Class 1-A makes it their mission to figure out who Eraserhea Completed. That was until the loud revving of a motorcycle greeted the entrance of the school. For a Friend (SugarDaddy! Aizawa x reader). You were about to drift off to sleep until that one. Aizawa ignored Tsuyu and tried to get on with the class be he just couldn't. He let out an annoyed sigh and told Midoriya to answer it. Izuku and his mother sat down on the couch while Tsukauchi sat opposite of them 'Mrs Midoriya, we've been looking for your daughter for the day since you reported her leaving' Inko nodded grabbing her sons hand. "I said, " Izuku repeats, chest heaving—adamant and changed and angry with his weakness, "take it back. Aizawa shouta aka the boss of one of the most powerful yakuza families in Japan had caught your eye and one thong after another you became obsessed with him. He woke you up at like 5:30 in the morning. The scenes on the streets looked like comic books with hero's and Villains. In the wake of All for One's defeat and the collapse of his empire, the Big 4 villain groups fight for dominance in the underworld. Hizashi Yamada X Tattooed! Reader. hey, can I ask the reader to be Aizawa's daughter, but she lives with her mother in another country, so when the reader gets into a fight, her mother sends her to live with Aizawa, but she forgets to tell him, so y/ n arrives and says "hey dad, surprise?". Shinsuo watched you sleep peacefully as it was late at night, your tail curled around shinsou's leg and you purred silently. everyone is of an age on account of the time travel. " ☔︎ (Y/N) Shirakumo enrolls into UA Highschool to pursue a career of being a hero in honour tenyaiida. Sekijirio wasn't going to judge. She learns new words, new hobbies, and how to make new friends. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Art: Can Am Maverick Trail …. You're the new teaching assistant at UA for class 1-A. Aizawashotaxreader Stories. On a peaceful patrol, underground hero Eraserhead, finds himself meeting someone as beautiful as the flowers in her arms. Shouta feels your hand fall, as he Let's his tears finally fall as he presses the nurses button and holds your limp cold body as he breathes in to finish your song. daughter with fem reader s/o alone for the first time. No Teacher-Student Relationship. Todoroki Shouto X Pregnant Reader. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Tree. Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Reader; Characters: Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead; Reader; Additional Tags: Smut; Erotica; 18+ eraserhead x reader - Freeform; Aizawa x …. lemon #Tomura shigaraki #tomura #bnha x oc #child oc. F! Reader Insert ; No quirk, but she still wanted to be a hero. The Caged Bird (Part 4) Yandere!Erasermic x Fem!Reader Part 3 Part 5 Summery: For the Gods of Life and Death, loneliness seemed a heavy . Irrational Problem Child by Anya Kay. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemonde. Black With Red Pearl Paint, Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon. You smile and sigh, eyes still closed as you hear him walk closer, you lean back as he's hands roughly yet soft hands rub your shoulders. Aizawa Shouta and the Lemon -ish topic of hair 2. Local Mum Is Actual Weeb Trash. Finally, [Name’s] tears subsided, and she lifted her head from Aizawa’s chest and blew her nose with the tissues on her nightstand. Babygirl, little girl, little one, whore, slut, princess, used at different points. Returning 8 Hours prior」 You've seen them die in front of your eyes, so now you want nothing but to make them live. More you might fanfic mic shinso x reader Hizashi shinsou fluff hitoshi shinso x reader . Here, Kitty Kitty! (Aizawa x Black!Catgirl!Reader). "well gal it was nice knowing you" he laughs as he pushes you off the one side of the. And if you find any of the tags offensive? What is one to do with the memories, and where to go from there? Reader: By kermit 115k 2. He had to weave through the crowded streets, catching (Name) running quickly down a street. That day in his second year of UA. In the aftermath of All Might losing his power, however, using UA. There’s a special time between summer and fall, where the stifling heat dissipates in favor of more comfortable. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon tree. Aizawa Shota brought many different emotions and thoughts from a lot of different people. Aizawa Shouta x daughter!reader (Bring your child to work day) Summary: Aizawa brings his five year old daughter to UA. Aizawa Shouta x Teacher {reader} ️ ️ ️ - Chapter 4: The Accident WARNING: SEXUAL DETAILS MAY MAKE A READER UNCOMFORTABLE 🍋LEMON🍋 You're a 29 year old teacher who decided to teach in U. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Fanfiction, How Do You Say …. The pain of losing the one he loved. " UA Principal Nezu teaches a 6-week Quirk Mitigation intensive course but when there's a conflict with his schedule, he asks Aizawa to fill in for him. Y/N Midoriya is Inko Midoriya's eldest daughter, and Izuku Midoriya's older sister. The kiss turned into a hot make out. He probably would not have had said yes if he had seen what was to be used …. BNHA | Reader Aizawa Shouta | Fanfiction Romance. °you felt a stranger stalking you but could never find. 18 pages January 19, 2021 KAlZZEL. In fact, he soon realizes he is the most …. But it's not his original body, something's gone wonky …. Y/N gets an opportunity to go to the new school in Japan where all new rising hero's go. unlike any ever seen, but it helped her and had powers. You thought he had already caught on and was going to confront you about removing you from the hero …. Web shouta aizawa x orphan! He managed to get their the doctor looked at him "well leave you two alone, I'm sorry. Aizawa x mourning! depressed! reader from the story (Discontinued) BNHA X Aizawa Shota's Daughter by Aizawa_ssmile (annie) with 4,2 Browse. omegaverse] Bakugou Katsuki X Reader. One of the most notorious students in Yuuei, most likely known for being the daughter of Shouta Aizawa himself. romance His Last Wish (Aizawa X Reader) by daddyxxxissues. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon / Irish Fair Of Mn Map. Your boyfriend Todoroki Shoto was kissing someone you believed was more smart, beautiful than you, well everyone did. Shota Aizawa x Reader x Hizashi Yamada. You hear the door open as you hiss and growl, "hello, my love" dabi smirked, he pulls off his coat and lays on the bed he looks at you"come here" he pulls on your chain that connects to a choker on your neck as you. ( (DISCONTINUED)) Toshinori x Reader x Aizawa 30 parts. Shouta Aizawa x reader lemon”. 213 Discussion 21 Suggest tags. As she gets to know him and the other staff better, (Y/N) starts to form a close relationship with Aizawa. Eri knew Shouta even before the official adoption because he became her paternal figure right after she got saved from Overhaul. Aizawa Shouta x student reader Lemon Wattpad. "Aizawa!" (Name) hugs Aizawa who calmly pets the top of her head. Anonymous asked: Can i have aizawa x daughter reader just some lovely fluffiness with dad and daughter as a young kid. You had been called many things due to your albinism. The type to aizawa shouta x reader cuddles; Read Lemon Aizawa Shouta X Student Reader from the story Boku no hero. Aizawa X Child Reader - Web shouta aizawa x orphan! Painful virginity loss. Lemon] Aizawa Shouta X Student Reader. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon Tree. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon test. Aizawa comes out of his study room, calmly looking at two girls petting the cat. shigirakitomura, shigiraki, mic. Clearly, whoever this creature was, he was strong enough to fight often— and win. Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Reader - Works | Archive of Our Own Cherry Writing. You groan once again as you reluctantly sat up on your bed. Cover is my own art studentaizawa; aizawashouta; myheroacadamia +22 more # 9. Opium (Yakuza!Shouta Aizawa x daughter reader) (This fic is available for free on my Tumblr. You were with Aizawa for as long as you remembered, because the day you got adopted, you forgot eve. TYSM! <3 Aizawa Shouta x M!Reader Warning: Angst(?), general sadness and crying, Aizawa comfort :D, Use of ‘sweet boy’, not proof. His eyes have transitioned from a mesmerizing onyx to a smoldering crimson, ruby specks flickering in their depths. It's alright though, because his soulmate is an emotional hurricane and feels everything for the both of them. Izuku wakes up 10 years old instead of 30. Third Year Class 1-A (My Hero Academia). Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Reader; Additional Tags: Aizawa Shouta Smut; aizawa smut; mha smut; Language: English Stats: Published: 2020-04-28 …. One 25 gram bag treats from 1 to 4 quarts of clear (we recommend …. BNHA Writes — May i request reader as Aizawa's daughter but. No Place Like Home: A one-shot where Aizawa’s quirkless daughter, after joining the military to escape the pressure of a quirk-driven society, is told that her father was hurt during an attack. Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Reader; Present Mic & Miruko; Characters: Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead Hi there! Thank you so much for reading my work! Please let me know if I forgot to tag anything! I also have a Dabi x Reader fic and a hero Shigaraki x Reader fic with Dabi x Hawks in there as well! JaceMichelle, Zulaikha_Lemon, rowsinboat. Aizawa's in his mid to late 30's. Having a powerful Quirk is a fast route to social power and fame. Once she gets there, she reunited with a childhood friend …. Letting out quiet sobs, Aizawa heard and came into your room to comfort you. Feelings can change (Sugardaddy Aizawa x reader)AU. " Feeling slightly jealous of who he got as a teacher, "aren't you lucky, Aizawa is probably one of the best teachers to get. 21 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 A Spark (Aizawa x reader) by SpecialAgent-Lokitty 1. [Aizawa Shouta x Reader] One would think that having the word 'prison' on a resume would make the owner a wicked, dangerous character. Smut/angst/lemon story ⚠️Mention of Suicide!⚠️. Aizawa shouta aka the boss of one of the most powerful yakuza families in Japan had caught your eye and one thong …. Anime/Manga Humor Reincarnation Oc Dadzawa. Browse; Paid Stories Aizawa Shouta X Daughter Reader Pt2 Kirishma X Sister Reader X …. What will happen when one of her idols, Scarlett Johansson marvel. °he hated it when disgusting men tried to flirt and advance on you, he made sure that they'd been swiped off the earth's radar smoothly. This quiz asks some questions to find out how Shouta Aizawa from BNHA (MHA) feels about you! In this, you, the taker, are also a teacher at U. He smirked as he rubbed your belly, "I can't wait to. The New Girl (Aizawa x Reader) 190K 6. Browse through and read or take shigaraki x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations. Y/N finds herself running into an angsty dark haired man at a local cafe. Him having a fire quirk and being res shota. An Aizawa Shouta x Reader fanfiction. Reader: Web aizawa can say he's a patient man, if asked, though he will admit that on certain days that patience runs thin. Page 2 Read [Lemon] Pt3 Dabi X Neko Reader from the story Boku no hero academia one shots by Queenie_Wolf with 39,512 reads. Aizawa x Reader Smutty One Shots. (Originally posted on my tumblr @whattheheckmi Completed. ---- in which an angel falls from heaven and falls in love. Aizawa x Sub Student Reader (MALE). The longer Aizawa watched the fight between classes 1A and 1B, the deeper the frown on his face became. The Hero Commission has made it a requirement that all pro-heroes have to complete ongoing courses to earn continuing education units (CEU) to maintain their hero license. 4K 562 by MarvelsthorgirlLokis A/n: Ok first of all, Welcome to my Mha x child reader book! Secondly if you are a male, you could change the pronouns and stuff. Aizawa Shouta is a 25-year-old Pro-Hero, UA alumni and teacher. -So basically Kaito spends half of his day with you and half with Aizawa. Black shadows surround you, taking shapes of horses running around in a circle, your eyes glow a bright (e/c) as you lift your hand summoning a large, black deadly scythe killing the grass around you. Aizawa usually looks pretty rough but seeing you after 4 hours of child birthing makes him feel like a model. Present Mic x Aizawa x daughter reader. If you're working to decrease the …. You smiled and squeezed his hand, signaling your satisfaction. This is a Aizawa x Reader Fan fic about Hitoshi Shinso being his son. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon tree; Aizawa x daughter reader lemon demon; Aizawa x daughter reader lemon butter; Aizawa x daughter reader lemon english; Do you want to cultivate it? However, there was not a single person they were looking for. Or for those in the field, the SiN quirks. Pairing: Shouta Aizawa x F! Pro-Hero! Reader (slow burn)Summary: After 12 years, you, Pro-Hero Strife, has to return to Japan. Aizawa's Daughter (AizawaxChild Reader){Completed}. Aizawa X Daughter Reader Lemon X. Web shouta aizawa x orphan! Izuku was a quirkless boy and had no memory …. Fierce and sassy the green-eyed beauty puts himself in harm’s way for the hero’s sake, only to show Aizawa the cold shoulder afterwards. Cursed Quirk - Erasers Daughter ~ by owo. Published: Dec 9, 2018 68 Favourites 9 Comments 5. Imagine taking care of Aizawa after the USJ accident. "I'm going to get someone to cover this class. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon free; Aizawa x daughter reader lemon grove; Aizawa x daughter reader lemon art; Aizawa x male reader lemon. summary: when you and tamaki are hit with an aphrodesiac quirk, your boyfriend kirishima graciously talks you through it. Pairing; Shouta Aizawa x Fem!Reader. Obviously, he wanted her to meet you way before becoming her adoptive mother. His sharp gaze flicks to the bruises on your Completed. Browse through and read or take aizawa shouta stories, quizzes, and other creations. What will come from this Fell (Aizawa x Reader) 10 parts. Read [Lemon] Aizawa Shouta X Student Reader from the story Boku no hero academia one shots by Queenie_Wolf with 54,126 reads. But there are two problems: one, you are a cat. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon art; The Goodness Of Jesus Lyrics. Whom was brutally stabbed by the making of this fic. "The whole reason I joined this school was to accomplish his dream. Could I have a Aizawa scenario of a Soulmate AU. As you stirred the coco you didn't notice the main door opening and a certain atomic bomb walking through the door, he looked at the women in front off him in shock and smirked. This however was different, in the way that he hadn't yet lost a thing. Pairing: Shouta Aizawa x female reader. Valentine - Shouta Aizawa X Reader. You, a lucky individual have been gifted with two soulmates and they can't be anything less alike. Oyabun: In context, "father, " and What Yakuza refer to their leader as. Shouta ran out of the shop, looking for his friend, running down the street. It was your third night there and you just woke up from a traumatizing nightmare. "without you, I'm just a sad song". May 30, 2017 - Read Tobirama Senju x Reader (Lemon) P1 from the story Naruto Lemons by Jul 20, 2019 · Daddy X Daughter Reader Lemon suherman. The day your husband Shouta brought the little slate-haired girl home, was the day you decided to become a mother. "I've been studying and I've not had my morning coffee" you told him as you sat back down on the sofa. Discover more posts about aizawa smut, mha x reader, aizawa x y/n, mha x you, aizawa fanfiction, platonic aizawa x reader, and Aizawa shouta x reader. Seriously: it's bad, it's wrong and it's horrible. "It's showtime baby," said the motorcyclist before parking the bike and. I’m being self-indulgent since I am sick myself lmao. He undoubtedly wouldn't have said yes then, if he had seen the ending class roster containing Shinsou, Bakugou, and Midoriya. Works and bookmarks tagged with Shouta Aizawa x daughter reader will show up in Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Reader's filter. You lay beside each other under the blankets, enjoying the peacefulness that was the presence of each other. I'm terrible at descriptions shinsou is abused by his dad. Aizawa x daughter reader lemon demon. While waiting for the nurses to bring back your baby, Aizawa holds your hand and murmurs soothing words. Aizawas always worried with school work or with hero duties or with this class. You take a hesitant step towards the flurry of sound, then another, and soon you’re sprinting through the …. Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Reader. I had PLANNED to upload this yesterday, but I forgot TT^TT. Web shouta aizawa x orphan! It was more the looming presence of time pushing forward, the inevitable closing of a chapter in his life…. Sora has you quirk and Sachio has Aizawa's. Aizawa x Reader shouta x reader - Freeform aizawa smut aizawa 18+ Slow Burn Oral Sex Rough Sex Semi-Public Sex aizawa fanfic I have an audio I am making for this Only because I hate myself ya know it is what it is anyway enjoy Language: English Stats: Published: 2020-07-20 Words:.