410 Slug Vs 45 Long Colt 410 Slug Vs 45 Long Colt45 cal round balls, that load works well on goats and foxes but people might be another story. The 45 Colt brass even fits the 410 chamber better than it fits the 45 Colt chamber. While the 410 is, you guessed it, 0. Dave Scovill designed a heavier version of Elmer's famed 454424 slug called the SAA 270 for Colt Single Action Army guns, but it shoots just as beautifully in revolvers of Ruger and Freedom Arms lineage. Capable of chambering both 45 Colt and 410 shotshell, it’s the original five. A slug also has two other tentacles that contain eyeballs on the tips. Factory loads for civilians are typically loaded between 650. Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Governor. 45 Colt ACP will NOT work in a Colt Single Action pistol or a Colt rifle! To that end, a. 45 Colt or Long Colt will NOT work in a semi automatic pistol the likes of the Colt 1911. The slug's oversize expansion diameter surely factored into. I use 185-200 grain bullets for. The Grizzly features several upgrades from its Rowdy cousin. Great derringer and a really great shooter. 45 colt is also called the “45 Long Colt” or can be shortened to “45 LC” to help differentiate. The diameter of the shell / casing is. 45 LC but the large gap between the bullet to the forcing cone and the shot-friendly rifling your grouping will look more like a shotgun pattern in comparison to most. The Henry Lever Action will also serve as a home defense weapon and can be loaded with a variety of ammo such as birdshot,. 5 inch 410 shell crimps down to ~2. If you plan to buy in bulk, it is advisable to check out our stock of bulk 12 …. Great for 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge loads. Specifications: Model #: BARW; Caliber: 45LC/410. 410 slugs, or designated home defense loads like the Winchester PDX1. This revolver has some heavy horsepower!!!Please Subscribe to the channel HERE: http://bit. This 2 1/2 inch 410 round features a Lehigh Extreme Defense Slug backed up with copper #4 shot making this an extremely lethal personal defense round. The 20-inch model has a cylinder bore with no choke, making it safe to shoot slugs. One of the more noticeable features is the safety on the Henry Axe. Federal V-Shok 43-grain rounds popped out of the Baikal at 3536 fps with 1194 foot-pounds of energy. Launched in 1922, and manufactured until 1933, the Ithaca Auto & Burglar was a 4. It’s the same, but different, but also the same. Today, it’s available in more than a dozen models. What about a Judge or Governor, that can shoot. 40 round, which supposedly combines the best features of the. Best 410 Pump Shotgun: Mossberg 510 Youth Mini Super Bantam. Delivering effective shot patterns that place all projectiles on a man-sized target at seven yards, the Critical Defense ® 410 features a unique Triple Defense ® projectile column consisting of two 35 caliber round balls topped with one non-jacketed FTX ® slug. 44 Magnum performance with about 80 percent of the chamber pressure. The full-house rounds also get. 45 Colt vs 45 Long Colt – Ammunition1. As far as 410 ammo, you can shoot 2 1/2" or 3". Taurus Judge enough to drop a Bear?. It is very accurate in all lengths of judge revolvers. 45 Long Colt vs 45 ACP: Side. 410 Slug: =/> 100 grains @ maybe, but doubtful, 1,000 fps (taking a guess here since fps is quoted for 16+" shotgun barrel). One of the best point shooters I. The New double barrel single action 4. Federal American Eagle 45 Long Colt/ 410 Gauge Ammo Combo …. 1 buck, an interesting mixed 5⁄8-ounce load. By Jim Dickson | Contributing Editor When you talk of power in a small pistol package the American Derringer comes to the top of the heap. 45 Colt (metric designation: 11. ) This loading generated 900 fps from the Colt’s standard 7 ½-inch barrel. 45 cartridge historically required by the S&W Schofield revolver, as well as the. 410 slugs also deliver less foot-pounds of energy on target even at the muzzle, and again with a greater rate of loss as the range increases. 45 Colt vs 45 Long Colt - a 45 Caliber Debate. by Glenn Simmons on 12/11/2021 from Lake Hopatcong, NJ: Surprisingly accurate with 45 colt being there’s only 5/8” of rifling in the barrel. The Taurus Judge, a handgun capable of firing both. 410 is a lot lighter and has a lot less kick to it. The Governor arrives with either Hogue's synthetic rubber bantam grip or a bantam Crimson Trace Lasergrip. Also consider the soft lead slug of the 410 vs the heavily constructed 44 bullets and this is a no brainer. Can't Get 410 ga Shotshells into Taurus Judge Cylnder. 5-inch shells (don’t try to cram in six, or use 3-inch shells), push the follower down, and twist to secure it. 410 3 and 2 1/2-inch shells: Despite being a single-shot pistol with a rifled barrel, the T/C Contender works extremely well out to …. The 38 Special results were from a revolver with a 2-inch barrel. Best Methods for Long-Term Ammo Storage. Shooting one handed I made hit after hit with those big 250 gr. Only reason I would even consider getting one is purely as a snake killing gun. 8125 lbs (29 oz) Barrel Length: 3 in Overall Length: 7. 45 Colt caliber to shoot without modification. 55," and the case capacity is 45 grains. The Governor, on the other hand, is a semi-automatic pistol that can fire both. With all the 45 Long Colt / 410 handguns out there in the market, a cottage industry has. The Frankford Arsenal ended up dropping the longer round from production in 1887 and solely manufactured the 45 S&W round as the “. A slug does not have a traditional nose, but rather a pair of tentacles that it uses to smell. 40/180 from the carbine to be doing about 1150-1200 fps, which would be somewhat less than the. The break action guns such as those are not noted for their strength. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. It does, however, have two disadvantages. 45 Long Colt was a product of Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company and the Union Metallic Cartridge Company, which was called Connecticut home. This product has an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars from 7 ratings. Principal Purpose: All-around shotshell powder, 12, 16, and 20 ga. 45 Colt / 410 Bore Matte Black Oxide 2 in. In fact this model is not much larger than a “J” frame with the exception of the cylinder size, which increases the overall. Most Taurus Judges handle a variety of 2. Even the wealthiest gun enthusiasts consider the price of ammunition. 410 slug only weighs about 80 grains vs. 410 bore Saiga AK shotgun, one of the more “tactical”. 410-bore 5-round wheelgun pitched for home defense. Perfect for use as a self defense handgun in the ca. I know a smooth barrel won't give the velocity of a rifled barrel, but - you guys who know this stuff - let me. Taurus Judge 410 Gauge/ 45 (Long) Colt 6. 410-caliber shotgun slug is traveling down a rifled barrel designed to accommodate. The 410 ammunition on the market designed for the revolvers that shoot 45 Long Colt and 410 shotgun ammo improves your personal defense when used in a Henry Bad Axe 410. The logic behind the shells is twofold. Winchester PDX1 Defender Combo Pack. taurus pdp 45 long colt: federal american eagle 45 lc 225-gr. 3 inches, also with a best group of 3. What this data translates to is that while. 410 barrel are examples of this. We found that it redeems the poor ballistics of these handguns and makes them a viable alternative to standard single projectile handguns. (Important safety tip: The Judge shoots. 410 handgun market has been driven and defined by the popular Taurus Judge series of double-action revolvers. The overall length of the 45 Colt is also longer at 1. The semi-rim can cause feeding problems in double stack magazines in. It isn’t a 12 gauge, but it is easier to shoot and handle. The 45 Long Colt Lever Gun Myth. 45 Colts of all sorts of bullet types and velocities. It began as a black-powder revolver round developed for the Colt Single Action Army revolver, but is also offered as a magnum-level, handgun hunting round in modern usage. Gun Review: Henry Lever Action. The longer barrel on the SSIV provides tighter shot patterns, higher velocities, and more manageable recoil than the original Snake Slayer. I got these specs off the Winchester website. com Birchwood Casey: 800-328-6156 …. This is a combo pack from Winchester with ten rounds of their PDX1. 45 Colt is not normally commercially loaded to a power level that approximates. This motivated scientific video will emperically evidence which munition better destroys the. 36 caliber lead shot, and this is a double barrel version of your. The slugs tested were Remington Sluggers, Winchester Rifle Slug 2. In 1892, the military went with …. Very different than 45 lc vs 410. Choose from top manufacturers including Winchester, Federal, and Grizzly. 45 Colt (LC Long Colt) round averages out to 500 ft-lb, while a. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Standard Model 38 Special an A grade, saying of it, “The …. 444 Marlin has plenty of 'slug' power when you want a solid projectile. 357: The Pros and Cons of Each Caliber">45 Colt vs. 45 Long Colt is cylindrical with straight sides. The 45 LC ammunition has a muzzle velocity of 960 feet per second and 460 foot pounds of energy on paper when using 225-grain bullets. 45/410 combo gun I had was HORRIBLY inaccurate (maybe 12" groups at 25 yards, literally - off a bench!) with. 410 slug is considerably less effective than a. The recipe you use will determine that. When looking for defense outside of the home with. As with all defence, a shotgun is deamed preferable when loaded with buck, as it gives the most inexperienced shooter a high probability of a hit. So to answer your question, the. 45 Winchester Magnum - Wikipedia As Alpo and pony have said and there is no actual 45 Magnum based on the 45 Colt cartridge. This dual-use capability ensures that users can adapt to various shooting scenarios, making it an ideal choice for hunting, nuisance. Love the option to have slugs and shot options with the 410. Cons: Won't work in bond arms deringers. Buy Now: More than a decade since it was first introduced, the legendary Taurus Judge® still rules. Review: Hornady Super Subsonic Hunting Loads. If wanted to do the reverse and make my 45lc a shotgun, would this damage my rifling? I found an article recently where it appeared that some . Mid-level loads consist of 250-grain slugs. ly/2xQ9ap2Deals and Discounts HERE: https://linktr. The 44-40 chamber & throat limit bullet diameter, weight, length to a certain extant. com">A Revolver that can Fire Shotgun Shells. Judge 45/410 Beat/Ptarmigan. 45 Long Colt single action revolver is available with a 4 3/4-, 5 1/2- or 7 1/2-inch barrel. Best Overall: Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon. 410 handguns — though Bond Arms’. 5 inch 410 slug have a very deep roll crimp and measure less than 2. 5″ through gel, but the hardcast. ftx: winchester pdx1 defender 45 lc 225-gr. Taurus Judge Home Defender 45 Colt/410 Bore Double-Action Revolver with 13 Inch Barrel and Picatinny Rail $729. For buck-shot loads your best bet is 3@0. There’s just not much to go wrong. (8) Bond Arms Grizzly 410/45 Long Colt Derringer $ 334. At Sportsman's Warehouse, we offer lever action and revolver rifles chambered in. Ruger Vaquero Stomped EMF. 410 revolving handgun is its ability to use shot-filled shells, in marketing speak these guns are “pistols that fire shotgun rounds”. We'll have something for them in about three weeks. I have the uberti cattlemen 45 colt. 45-Colt loads with give you better performance then 410 slugs for a single projectile load. 410, the result is largely the same. However, if we are talking loads for the Taurus Judge I would not recommend slugs. jsp: hornady critical defense 45 lc 185-gr. by Glenn Simmons on 12/11/2021 from Lake Hopatcong, NJ: Surprisingly accurate with 45 colt being there's only 5/8" of rifling in the barrel. An important consideration was the ability to drop an Indian war pony at 100 yards. 380 ammunition in most instances. 410 ammo is ideal for long barrels, revolvers, and derringers. -The recoil of the 45 Colt is much less than that of the. New Republic 9mm Luger Ammo 115 Grain FMJ - $11. 410 bore, is the smallest shotgun shell in commercial ammo production. A properly-sized round ball, loaded inside a …. However, I don’t think that a short barrel revolver will produce such a velocity. 45 Long Colt to distinguish it from the short. Most versatile shotgun/handgun powder made. 45 Colt (LC Long Colt) Ammo Comparison ">. They do share a similar rim diameter and case head size. 45LC can, in strong firearms, be loaded to pretty high levels - then too we have the accuracy factor which I think would be lacking from a. When longer-distance shots may be required, the Public Defender can be loaded with either. Ray first patterned the Gov at 3 yards, …. slug was set as standard, with Winchester producing a rifled-type just before the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. 410-bore shotshell, the double-barreled pistol is ready to deliver decisive stopping power from its compact package. I did some accuracy testing from 25 yards with. For those with an existing reloading press or ready to dive into handloading, most die sets for. The 5-shot cylinder has been lengthened to accept up to 3-inch. I'm trying to figure out which load is more effective (out of a Taurus Judge Public Defender Poly) between a standard 45 lc 255 grain @750 fps or a. MP-Molds also makes an outstanding hollow point (HP) mold in this design. 410 rises to the occasion and then some. A 2½-inch, ½-ounce shotshell is still the standard. Drawings aside, measuring actual brass and chambers: 410 brass: 0. S410PDX1 Defender Shotshell Ammo. Before we go much further, we should discuss 9mm vs 45 ballistics, and more importantly, what that information means for you. 22 LR lever action might require more magnification than going after a hog up close with a. 45 Long Colt gun either, especially the 3-inch barrel and 2. I may try it at 50 with Levereveloution. One way to think about this is as such: a foot-pound is a unit of energy equal to the amount of energy required to raise a weight of one pound a distance of one foot. 410 requires the exchange of barrel choke in order to operate the firearm safely and accurately. The 44 mag has upwards of 1000 ft-lbs of ME or more. Premium magnum slugs are probably your best bet for stopping a charging bear. Because it is declining in popularity, the ammo is becoming more challenging to find compared to. As the smallest gauge of shotgun shell available, the. 40 S&W loads that have worked on deer (or theoretically should work on deer)? What would be the max. The Weapon Pack 2 DLC is a paid DLC that was made available on February 28, 2019. 45 Colt lever action rifles and pistols are a favorite among competitive cowboy action shooters, medium and large game hunters, or those who already own a sidearm in the same caliber. 410 bore from a 45 LC pistol. A mighty & versatile game changer. 45 Colt slug, the Lee has a slightly larger meplat, or flat, which suits me fine, as the flat transfers more energy than the original. adidas x lego sport shoes - black; china monetary policy tools; breakfast michelin star; 410 slug vs 45 long colt ballistics. ROSSI– BRAZTECH Circuit Judge 45/410. Always wanted to kill a deer with a 410. Smith & Wesson Governor: Shooting Accuracy. The cartridge has an overall length of about 1. Hornady – Critical Defense Ammo 45 Long Colt 185GR FTX. 45 Colt barrel is not really a choke, it has what looks like stright rifleing that was designed to take the spin out of plastic shot cups so that the shot would have a somewhat reliable pattern. Some call it “the best of both worlds. I do like those little 12" long double barrel side by side pistols that take both 410 and 45-Colt and 454-Casull. 45 cal round balls, that load works well on goats and foxes but. Up front you will find a red/orange. With the Governor, the company upped the ante and brought a new caliber to the table: the. 410 shells are nice but the 444 marlin shells are cheaper, only about 40 cents vs. The dearth of pellets in a buckshot shell for this gauge negates the perceived advantage. 45 Colt revolver can be best described as a just-right big bore. 32 ACP caliber guns varies depending on bullet type and brand but expect to pay at least $0. 410 will project a slug with good energy but - I'll stick with the metallic cartridge here. This dual-caliber capability ensures that users can adapt to various shooting scenarios, making it an ideal choice for both self-defense and recreational purposes. The Circuit Judge has (as I'm sure you know) two barrel threaded inserts (frequently called "chokes"), one is a smoothbore "thread …. 410 barrel and the newer Taurus Judge being better known examples. Furthermore, the muzzle energy of a. Yes, I know you can get 180 grain 45 Colt bullets but I feel most would use a larger, more period correct lead cast bullet in the 45. 410" in diameter and the 45 colt is. All of these Taurus revolvers are supplied with a fiber optic front sight and a rudimentary fixed rear sight consisting of a square groove cut into the top of the. If you want to take it to the range and work on your marksmanship, I'd recommend getting any flavor of 45 LC. In any order The only problem that I see with it is that you have to change out the choke or thread protector when you change from. 410 shells, and a Short Cylinder model for pistol calibers. The case rims on the 30-30 and the 45 long Colt are closethe 45 long Colt WW brass I have measures. This motivated and scientific video will …. The gun is chambered for 45 colt and 2. There’s not much to go wrong with the Brawler. Whether that’s enough to satisfy your liking on a daily basis is up to you. Slugs are found around the world and are hardy enough to live in most climates as long as they have moisture. 410 slugs the choke tube MUST be removed. When shots are expected to be close and fast, and a 12 or 20 is just too much gun, the Lever Action Shotgun X Model. This shell fires four plated defense discs and 16 plated BB sized pellets—devasting to any intruder at close home defense ranges. Instead of testing three loads of one caliber at 25 yards, I chose to flex the gun's broader range by testing. I have a half dozen long guns in 410 caliber as well a 2 handguns that fire 45 Colt AND because the chamber is so big and lengthened will also fire the 2. Taking this into account I would say the. It wears rosewood grips engraved with grizzly bear artwork, along with the Bond Arms name and a checkered panel. 410 shotgun? How about a 410 slug? Well if you can send a slug through it you can also send a. Granted, the typical load data places it just over 800 feet-per-second, but there are +P loads available that can push a 250-grain bullet at 1,400 feet-per-second. If you live in an area with slugs, you know they can be a major garden nuisance. 410 gauge’s small size, it has very low recoil, often better for young shooters. 45 ACP is rated at 1,000 FPS and the. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. The judge is simply a short range defensive weapon best used with the. Gun Review: Bond Arms Roughneck and Rowdy Model Derringers. A few years ago it was looking pretty rough, so I sandblasted it and hit it with barbecue grill paint. Verdict: Taurus Public Defender Review. Taurus Judge Public Defender Poly 45LC/. the Roughneck works best with smooth-lined holsters. 45Colt(LC) has a flat base and is either jacketed or lead "alloy which makes it harder than. The Colt shooters could easily use the shorter Smith & Wesson cartridge, so the quartermasters began referring to the Colt round as “45 Long Colt”. 410 revolver ammo is called Triple Defense. Have any of you considered deer hunting or hog hunting with a. 45-70 Government has been one of the longest-standing big-game cartridges of all time. 45 Colt - Published Manufacturer Loading Data Shellholders: Lee #11. John Moses Browning retained the. Answered; Asked 06/05/2019 22:50 by Brian H; A:. 410 shells have similar base dimensions to the. 454 Casull with a Raging Judge Magnum. 454" groove barrels, many kept the …. While similar in some respects, they are not the same. 5” Just took my new Snake Slayer out for a day at the range. Let's set the record straight once and for all, the 45 Colt & 45 Long Colt are the same exact round of ammunition. 45 Colt vs 45 Long Colt – a 45 Caliber Debate. Find your best price for 410 Bore Ammo shotgun 3. Here is a photo of mine, both are stainless limited editions chambered in. 410 Shotshell 00 Buckshot load (four pellets) generated 130 foot-pounds of muzzle energy in the American Derringer Model 1 and 126 foot-pounds of muzzle energy in the Bond Arms Cowboy Defender. Henry 45 Colt Lever Action. 45 long Colt Jump to Latest Follow 24743 Views 18 Replies 10 Participants Last post by acw , Jun 28, 2023 RimfireChris Discussion starter · Apr 7, 2011 Hello all. Three of the most practical bear back-up handgun cartridges available are: (from left) Buffalo Bore’s 10mm Auto 220-grain hard-cast load, Garrett’s. 45LC pistol for plinking, pest control or anything else, the Rossi Brawler will be a very affordable way to accomplish it. To be even more confusing old Colts were. For reference, a bullet diameter of 0. 45 Colt load will determine the velocity and energy of your round. 45 Colt has a muzzle energy of 348 foot-pounds (ft-lb), while the. The gun is fun to shoot and manageable. I do not typically load bullets over 200 grains due to the higher costs. Oh those case heads sure do bulge. At 50 yards, the speed is 895 fps, and the energy is 400 ft-lbs. will be greater but penetration will be less. 45 ACP ammunition is commonly available in bullet weights ranging from 185 grains to 230 grains, with 230 grains being the most common. The purpose of this study is to provide a sample of controlled test results to give shooters a better sense of how. 45 Colt loads as well as 2 1/2- and 3-inch. The 45 colt, also called ‘long colt’, is formulated for the ‘Judge’ or similar firearm. That is significantly larger than the bore of a 410 shotgun it would be unsafe and might blow the. A single-action five-shot wheelgun, the BFR is chambered for. 410 rounds with 444 brass and 45 bullet?. To see if they can do it well I’ve been testing a Smith & Wesson Governor with shotshells,. buckshot nearly as effective at close range. I'm guessing it's ok to shoot 45 LC through, but not sure? Also, would it be ok to shoot slugs thru it? I just have some Winchester PDX1 and . It began as a black-powder revolver round developed for the Colt Single Action Army revolver, but is offered as a magnum-level, handgun hunting round in modern usage. For the American Eagle Rounds, the muzzle energy for the. As this chart from Frank Barnes' Cartridges Of The World shows, while. Up front you will find a red/orange fiber optic front sight. Make sure your gun can handle it before. For about a decade the moniker 45 Long Colt was applicable when differentiating between the two rounds but by the dawn of the 20th century the Schofield …. Taurus Circuit Judge 45 colt 410 slug. The Lady Derringer is stocked in. The Brenneke were mildly surprising as they produced …. You can order online or shop in-store at your local Sportsman's Warehouse. Ammo purchasers are responsible for use and compliance with all federal, state and local laws. As you can see, the 20 gauge is significantly more powerful. A versatile revolver, the Governor can handle 2. Chambered for both 45 Colt and 410 bore shotshells up to 3-inch Magnum, the Circuit Judge® is a diverse. Taurus Judge Public Defender. two brands of 12 gauge slugs claiming to be 2 3/4" shells might be closer to 2 1/2. 45 Long Colt Ammo ; 357 Sig Ammo ; Rifle Ammo. I had no issues with any of the boxes of. 410 slugs is the cost of a press. 410 slug result in a miserable. My 12 yr son inherited a Winchester single shot break open model 37A. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 410 slug, even if it was marginally heavier. On 2/26/2012 at 1:08 AM, Kamikaze said: The slugs are no good in the judge. This led to the creation of the Smith & Wesson Governor and the Taurus Judge, two revolvers that can fire 45 LC and 410 from the same cylinder. 45 Long Colt and 410 shotgun ammo. Please read carefully before making your purchase: To optimize accuracy, Henry Scope Mounts are available on this page for the following models H001, H002, H003, H004, H005 and H006/H012. 10 Best Lever Action Rifles of 2023. Colt wanted to harness the excellent stopping power of the. 4 mm) is one of the smallest caliber of shotgun shell commonly available (along with the 9mm Flobert rimfire cartridge, and the less common. 45 caliber and have little concerns about sizing for a shotgun. 450 Marlin a free wheeling cylinder? The. We learned back then that these handguns performed better with smaller shot. If you want stopping power from a. Friends, My wife purchased The Judge for herself. 45 Colt has an edge due to a heavier bullet at a slightly higher velocity. The terms were common popular usage in the Old West, if not exactly technically correct. 40-65 Winchester 410 Bore (13) Refine by Cartridge: 40-65 Winchester 410 Bore 40-70 Sharps Straight (65) Refine by Cartridge: 40-70 Sharps Straight 40 S&W (21) 45 Long Colt (3) Refine by Cartridge: 45 Long Colt 45 S&W Schofield (4) Refine by Cartridge: 45 S&W Schofield 45 Schofield (9). It is the thickness of the brass at the neck, not the shape. Most of the load results were taken from a 5 - 5. Got a questions Has anyone ever shot/test fired. Henry Repeating Arms has come out with a new lever gun. What do you guys think? Share to. 510 at the rim and the 30-30 R-P nickel brass measures. In addition to the original Colt Peacemaker, it references the. Monarch High Velocity 12 Gauge Buck Shotshells - 25 Rounds. 410 bore shotgun loaded with shot shells is well suited for small game hunting and pest control. When considering the cost of ammunition, there is a significant difference between. Paul starts out with an accuracy test at 25 yards with 45 Colt ammo. If I need a little more range, I use the. Reviews (249) 45 Long Colt 255gr FMJ. 45 Long Colt "Cowboy Load"?. 20" barrel with adjustable sights is long enough to squeeze solid performance out of the. 45 Colt cartridge is a handgun cartridge dating to 1872. The 45 colt shellswhere accurate and had very little kick. The few lever-action rifles chambered in. and aneal the brass back to just below the neck. So, energy-wise anyway, it would be pretty comparable to a. 3 inch vs 2 1/2 inch best group and even maybe best knock down. ) He was dispatched by a couple of 300 grain bullets from a 45 Colt; they penetrated completely. 45/70 Rifle? Check This Out. 410 ammo from the Judge, does not pass the FBI Gelatin test. I'd LOVE to hammer whitetails with a. Originally designed for use by the US Army, the 45 Long Colt cartridge quickly became popular among cowboys and lawmen of the American West. Too bad, because I'd like to have a lever-action repeater that can fire both. Old it may be, however it’s still an excellent choice for use in a Perfect Packin’ Pistol. 454 Casull cartridge is one of the most powerful handgun rounds you can find. The compact, yet rough-looking, Rowdy is a new type of Bond Arm gun. MeatEater’s Clay Newcomb usually carries a Glock 20 chambered in 10mm, but last year he had a chance to work on his bear defense proficiency with Taurus and …. 45 Long Colt cartridge, as shown . 410 Bore 3" barrel 1:12" twist with 6 grooves 3" Magnum chamber 5 rounds Transfer bar safety Single/double action *****Compact steel frame Black Ribber grip Blued finish Red fiber optic fixed front Fixed rear sight 5. A typical 45 Long Colt cartridge has a 250 grain bullet and 860 fps muzzle velocity, giving it 411 ft lbs muzzle energy. This ammo is loaded with a X-Treme Bullets' 255 gr flat point projectile and shoots at 800 fps. 45 Long Colt - 250 Grain RNFP Total Polymer Jacket - MBI - 500 Rounds. Taurus Judge is a versatile and reliable firearm, capable of firing both. *The 38 Special results for the second Glaser Safety Slug were fired from a 4-inch barrel. ** Glaser Safety Slug ** 45 Colt: PB: 145: 503: 1250: Double Tap Ammunition Ballistics: Round Type Weight Muzzle Energy ft·lb 45 Colt: Elite V-Crown, JHP: 230: 369: 850: Speer Ammunition Ballistics: Round Type Weight. 410 slug will weigh in at no more. A 410 only firearm can not shoot 45lc. Can you shoot 45 ACP out of a 45 Long Colt revolver?. 45/70 are fully interchangeable, cylinders to be fitted by MRI gunsmiths. 48" 17+1 NS Police Trade-in - $389. EAA Weihrauch Bounty Hunter, Revolver,. It was originally a black powder. A 410 shotgun slug falls somewhere between the energy of a 357 mag and a 41 mag handgun cartridge. As with all Hornady products, only the highest quality raw materials are used and …. The average muzzle velocity, for most commercially available cartridges, is 960 fps (feet per second). To recount the full story of the. As this chart from Frank Barnes’ Cartridges Of The World shows, while. Winchester Super X 410 Rifled Slug Hollow Point. Still, with the factory choke and the right ammunition, the. 410 Short Lane adapter 20ga. Another major difference is that the 38 Super cartridge is semi-rimmed while the 45 ACP is a rimless design. All Hornady ammunition is loaded using premium cartridge cases, with most being made on-site at the Hornady case production plant. They are two of the most popular revolver cartridges of all time, and today Brownells Gun Tech™ Steve Ostrem does a quick compare-and-contrast of the. "36 gauge" is simply the European designation for. 410 cartridge, the Smith and Wesson Governor is a top choice for self-defense. 45 Colt, Schofield, Cowboy Special and ACP. I have heard of guys shooting 45 colt rounds out of a 410 shotgun but not the other way around. 410 shells in a 444 Marlin safely, and obviously the. A 12 ga is a lot more potent in the bush than the. 45 Colt cartridge, allowing many single-shot firearms, as well as derringers and revolvers chambered in that caliber, to fire. 357 Magnum, which makes it more effective at close range. Pioneer2 Yes, you can shoot a. ----- Hickok45 videos are filmed on. This Aerial Flare makes these hand guns even . To put it this way; it’s the Swiss Army knife of. Only problem you could encounter is they will be normally less accurate if your gun is. The pine boards were 4-by-4 posts separated by an inch gap. 75″ shells are about 9 to a pound, while the heaviest of the 3″. The small bore slug will get the job done only when the shots are short and the shot is placed perfectly. 45/70 gov't rounds are not to be used in the Circuit Judge and the pressures for the. Although you can safely fire 2-1/2″ and 3″ 410 shells in the CJ, it has a rifled barrel. Here are some general ballistics for typical. 45 "Short Colt" (that was really the shorter cased. Hands down, my most used and shot. In his last shot the firing pin actually pierced the primer. 410 Revolvers: Are They Really Good For Nothin’?. For when you only need one shot, there’s the Rossi Brawler. 45 LC snake shot is much less bulky than others used in the past. Winchester Xpert High Velocity 12 Gauge Waterfowl Shotshells. I do have a T/C Encore barrel that fires. Taurus Judge vs Governor: Which Is Better?. 40-cal barrel on request, which is what they did for us. 45 long colt cartridge with a heavy for caliber hard cast bullet at 1,100fps or more is an outstanding bear defense round. To put this into perspective, a Boeing 737 commercial airliner travels at a cruising speed of 600 mph, or 880 fps. After that it comes down to a primer (about. 410 slug proved it had more than enough punch, so we headed back into the hills to try it on a hog. Review of the Best 410 Shotguns. 25rds - 410 Bore Winchester AA Sporting Clays 2-1/2" 1/2 Ounce #8 Shot Ammo. 5 inch barrel model does have 3 inch shell capabilities. 410 GAUGE “NASTY MUTHA” FEATURING LEHIGH DEFENSE EXTREME DEFENSE SLUG. 900-inch-long cartridge case when designing the 1911 pistol. Case length in the Bushmaster is 1. It’s a long, heavy revolver that measures 17½ inches and weighs over 5 pounds, which will help soak up recoil. You just need to be sure that your gun is rated for them. However, there is a historical distinction between the two. How easy and how affordable is it to reload. The most-noticeable difference between a snail and a slug is the slug’s lack of a shell. 45 Colt ammo, very different single-projectile rounds. It was a potent man-stopper back then, when loaded with black powder. Army in 1873 and served as the official US military handgun. So…what should you carry IF you were to get the urge to lug one of these monstrosities about? Short-barrel JHP in. 45 Colt has a smaller diameter than the. On page 393, however, he states that, while inadequate for deer, the slugs are quite effective in guns such as the. They don't necessarily kill like a hi-powered super sonic rifle. Department: Firearms > Handgun Revolver > Double-Action Revolvers. 410 slugs are simply less effective than. 454 Casull from a lever rifle! For now I'll keep using my "pistol" chambered in. You're wanted me to shoot a 45 Colt out of this old 410 shotgun your request. Long story short: This Governor gets my vote! Smith & Wesson: 800-331-0852 www. This little shotgun disassembles without tools for convenient transport. Army in 1873 and served as an official US military handgun cartridge for 14 years, before being replaced by the. The 410 slug looses nearly half of its initial kinetic energy only 50-80 yards down range depending on the particular slug you are using. The TAC-14 gave us similar patterns with the birdshot, 17 inches. If I had to answer the question with one word it would be a resounding "NO"!. A $600 replica of this handgun is the EMF Model 1894 Bisley, which is made by Armi San Marcos of Italy. Please check out the rest of our videosClick "More from MrStraightshot!". 3 models Remington Express Extra Long Range Loads. 400 lead balls in a 3 inch shell. 45” while the 338 has a maximum overall length of 3. Compared to the Mossberg, the buckshot load opened up to 6 inches, and the rifled slugs shrunk to 3 inches. 410" hole at 800 or 900 FPS and 14,000 (or so) PSI chamber pressure. 410 slug 1/5 oz (110 grain from what I've found?) @1850 fps. The "Long Colt" name was adopted to avoid confusion with the. Hodgdon – Hodgdon Powder Company. The 38 ACP was introduced in 1900 for the new Colt automatic pistol. Comments (8) Linkinfernodouglas. As a pure, short-range home defender, the Taurus Judge has merit. 250-grain bullet; 860 fps muzzle velocity; 411 ft/lbs muzzle energy. 410 shotshell, the S&W Governor 45 ACP, 45 LC, 410/2. 410 Slugs: What’s The Use?. 410 slug hunting should be left to an adult who practices often. 30-30 or some other brass-based caliber. a Public Defender owner can carry two snake shot-sized shotgun loads and three hard-hitting 250-grain. While the 45 Long Colt could be considered big medicine in a single-action revolver, a Long Cylinder model for rifle cartridges and. 8 out of 5 star rating (17 reviews) Quick View. 45 Auto (230 grain) has a muzzle energy of 404 ft-lbs. This product has an average rating of 5 stars out of 5 stars from 8 ratings. What Is the Difference Between a Snail Vs. 25" in overall length, which is very similar to the size of 300 blackout ammo and has a case capacity of 36. 410 shotgun, all! If you want minute-of-something smaller-than-a-pumpkin groups, get a model 94 in. The Circuit Judge, a diverse hybrid rifle chambered for both 45 Colt & 410 bore, features a five-shot cylinder & a single/double-action trigger. 45 ACP are entirely different, and not interchangable. New Customer Special! Save $20 off first order of $200+ with code: Welcome20. As for the factory specifications, the Judge featured herein is a standard double-action revolver that will accept all. 410 long guns, including improved buckshot and slug options. Free shipping, arrives in 3+ days. Freedom 45 Long Colt 255 gr Flat Point (FP) New. 410 shotgun slug in the Taurus Judge for self defense. Lyman now offers it as #452424, and it is a 255-grain bullet—or thereabouts, depending upon the alloy used. Rifle Scope Mounts (H001,H002, H003,H004,H005,H006/H012 …. Highly effective in both 410 compatible handguns and shotguns, the 410-gauge PDX1 Defender ammunition features a distinctive black hull and black oxide high-base head; it combines four plated Defense Disc projectiles and 16 pellets of plated BB shot. 45 Colt is 14,000 PSI MAXIMUM, but. It will also fire, but with donut-shaped patterns due to the rifled barrel. Created with the finest components, Freedom's 45 Long Colt ammunition is popular, reliable and accurate. The earliest gun models were handmade and many have no letters in t. I just looked real quick and the 45 colt only has a bit more than 400 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, a 410 slug has a bit over 600ft-lbs at the muzzle. 45 Colt cartridges are loaded with Remington’s Golden Saber High Performance Jacket bullets and each of the 2 1/2 inch. Mileage will vary but the prevailing wisdom seems to be that a stout. 75in Nickle Revolver - 6 Rounds. 45 Colt cartridge, according to Cartridges of the World, had roughly 40 gram (gr) of blackpowder and a 255 grain lead projectile. The Reloading Authority - Graf & Sons. 410 shotgun shells, 45 Colt, 45 Auto Rim, 45 Schofield and even 45 ACP with the supplied moon clips. 45 Colt: More Than Just a Cowboy Action Round?. We'll display standard charts for a classic grid look, or select "Visualize" for an enhanced visualization of the data. OPTION 2 - Firearm Chambered for BOTH 410/45 Colt - Adapter Designed for 410/45 Colt Chamber ONLY. That stops bear, bigfoot, Kong, and the Devil. The ones like a Judge are 45 bore that can shoot a 410. It utilizes a blade front sight and fixed rear sight. Depending on how tight your chamber is, 45 Colt, and 454 Casull, might - just might - catch the lip and chamber. 99; In Stock Brand: Taurus; Item Number: 2-JHD441013MAG; Taurus Judge Public Defender Poly 45/410 Flat Dark Earth Polymer Frame Revolver with St $519. 410 slugs and we figgered that big bullet . 40 S&W is sparked by a small pistol primer, while the 10mm uses a large pistol primer. 8” smooth bore barrel is threaded internally at the muzzle end for an invector style choke to give you full control over your shot pattern. I'm going to be getting a Raging Judge soon, and I've been pondering what to feed it. Bond Arms BAOG Old Glory 45 Colt (LC)/410 Gauge 3. This is why you can in some guns chamber either a. A slug will not shoot long range like a centerfire rifle round, but a slug does increase a shotgun’s effective range approximately 2-3x further than buckshot loads. 410 chambered weapons (handguns) have a pretty funky long chamber and aren't the most accurate at best. The 50 BMG also fires a considerably larger projectile with a bullet diameter of 0. I called Winchester Ammunition and requested No. 5" Barrel, 5 Rounds, Polymer Grips, Night Sights 26 Reviews | 5 Questions & Answers Model: 2441069MAG Can you shoot 410 slugs or just shot shells. 356” is the same as those fired in the 9mm Luger. 56x45mm M855 Full Metal Jacket Lead Core Ammunition - 200 Rounds. The gaps between the rifling and the smaller. They were obviously two rounds intended for. 45 Colt (Long Colt) 225gr Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point and. Browse this line-up of 410 bore ammo with fast shipping now. 410 bore derringers didn’t hurt either. 45 Colt loads, and in the case of the Governor,. Vista detallada del Revolver Governador hecho por Smith & Wesson, este revolver esta hecho para calibre 45 colt largo y para calibre 410. The thickness of the shell walls accounts for the difference. com/firearmspolicycoalition/join_fpc_win_a_wilson_combat_beretta_92?sc=jan21beretta JOIN THE G. Each one covers a potential need in most survival scenarios, particularly if you’re looking …. 410GA 2" Barrel Stainless - 441039TC-SS. 45 Colt due to the different COAL. ON August 4, 2013 BY GunsAmerica Actual. There's some specialty rounds available for the judge in. 454 Casull delivers a whopping 2000 foot-pounds of energy, almost five times the power generated by the. Shooting the 3" American Derringer chambered in. 45 Coltif the chamber is long enough. of energy at the muzzle, which. 410 slugs for deer hunting?. Encore/ Contender 45 Colt/410 question?. 5 inch, Federal Rifle Slug and Modified Brenneke Silver Slugs. 410 Bore and 36 Gauge Shotshells ARE identical in diameter. The guns proved to be light and handy while firing standing shots. Haven't tried it yet, but it should work in the Taurus Judge. Four of the loads, including one bird shot, one buckshot and two mixed-payload shells, were designed specifically for. It took until the late 1930’s for commercially-loaded slug ammunition to be made available for the. " There is the now defunct 45 Winchester Magnum but it was for the Wildey auto loaders and based on the 45 ACP cartridge case. My wife tried the gun and found the double-action trigger reach to be too long for comfort. 45 Colt loads that have a heavier bullet. Taurus Judge Magnum Stainless 6. 410 Slugs Readers have expressed curiosity about slug performance from. 45 Colt bullet profile is known as a truncated cone or round nosed flat point (RNFP). 6 Item (s) 410 birdshot ammunition for sale at AmmoToGo. Stainless steel double-barrel and frame. Can the judge shoot 45 long colt?. 45 Colt was a joint development between Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, of Hartford, Connecticut, and the Union Metallic Cartridge Company of Bridgeport, Conn. 45 Colt was a joint development between Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company (now known as Colt's Manufacturing Company ), of Hartford, Connecticut, and the Union Metallic Cartridge Company (UMC) of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Colt Python owners can identify the general date of their weapon’s manufacture by checking for certain characteristics, such as the serial number sequencing and gun finish. According to the Department of Entomology at Texas A&M University, slugs prefer to live in damp, cool conditions. And the Blackhawk is very likely to be more controllable when shooting from the hip or point shooting. 45 Colt shells can develop much higher. 410 shells are loaded with four pellets of 000 buckshot. Today, an ounce of gold is worth much more than it was in 1873. The 45 colt cartridge which is sometimes called 45 long colt 45 lc or 114333mmr is a handgun cartridge dating to 1872. 410's that will handle Foster-style slugs. I do a 10% Clear Ballistics test with and without 1/4" MDF,. The gun also ships with a receiver-mounted rail for mounting optics. 40 S&W round averages out to 420 ft-lb, while a. This adapter allows you to shoot 9mm Luger out of your 410/45 Colt Break Action Shotgun or Revolver! WARNING DO NO USE IN POLYMER FRAMES - FOR STEEL FRAMES ONLY! Smooth Bore 2. Standard Model 38 Special an A grade, saying of it, “The American Derringer. REMINGTON ULTIMATE HOME DEFENSE 45 LONG COLT/ 410 …. 5: Trigger: Standard: Safety: No Now you can fire. 45 hits harder than the PDX1 ro. 45 ACP generally delivers higher numbers but not so high that it overwhelms the. 410 vs 20 Gauge; 22 LR vs 22 Mag; 6mm ARC vs 243; 7mm-08 vs 270;. Due to its small size and limited recoil, the. Colt began work on the revolver in 1871, and submitted a sample to the U. Available in several models, the Ruger 45 Colt revolver features choices in grip configurations from finger grooved rubber to the traditional look of ivory, frames made from blued alloy or bright stainless steel, a transfer …. 5" 5 Black Ribber Grip Stainless. I consider my 45/410 a keeper, it's been shortened and is drilled and tapped. 357 180 grain jhp over 2400 gives between 600-950 fps (handgun min/max) and same load fires 1143-1500 fps (min/max) from rifle. You also will need a wad or some type of overshot card or maybe a gas seal. A 1 ounce 12 gauge slug weighs around 437 grains and has a diameter of approximately 0. 410 Shotguns for Home Defense. In addition to all the useful functions, the Henry. $1/round, it's only 1/4" shorter and is plenty long enough to get a good 1/2oz of shot in. 410 defensively, birdshot can go right out the door. Free Shipping Eligible! Regularly $34. Typically, a 45 lc/410 weapon has to be specifically made that way. This is the Bond Arms Rowdy, a very solid, very well-made compact derringer chambered for both 45 Long Colt and 410 shotgun shells. 410 slugs which are made from pure lead and have a skirt on the bottom that is expanded out against the barrel to form a gas seal. Though it shares the same basic concept as the Taurus shotshell revolver, the Governor is not (quite) a Judge by another name. A 410 for bear defence nor a good plan. I hear shooting buck shot out of a rifled barrel creates in interesting pattern, more circular than "scatter shot". 223 Ammo; 410 Ammo Shells; Reloading Supplies. But the issue was it was more like a short-barreled shotgun, rather than a revolver and therefore seen as illegal.